Pencil Holder Desk Cube

“Pen Holder”

Personalized Photo Cube

Project #:


Print Type:

Digital Printing


Digital Toner

Paper Type:

12pt. C1S (Coated 1 side)


Die Cut


This is a very handy way to get your message out in a useful way or to bring your friends and family to work with you. Let me introduce the pen holder personalized photo cube! To create this project, first we print the supplied artwork on 12pt C1S (coated 1 side) via our Digital Press. The photo prints are then taken to our die-cutting department where they are diecut into a cross. They are then inserted by hand into the acrylic photo cube to create the final product. Each photo cube is then put into their own individual box. How cool is that!?!

If you’re interested in learning about die cutting and how it can help your print projects, visit our die cutting page.

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