“Direct Mail”

Foil Postcards

Project #:


Print Type:



Gold Foil

Paper Type:

100# Uncoated Cover
(Light Blue Hue)


Die Cut, Foil, Direct Mail


These Foil Postcards were created for a prestigious local college to be sent out to alumni. We didn’t get it in the images, but the back of the Foiled postcard mailer is a return & recipient address. This project is actually pretty simple as far as treatments, but the execution of the treatment was anything but. 

Let’s take a look at what into creating it…

This project starts at our hot stamping department where they hot stamped Gold Foil onto the light blue hue 100# uncoated cover. It sounds easy, but it was actually pretty difficult due to the artwork. Once it was finished being foiled it was sent down to the cutter where they were cut down to size.

The postcards were then run through our Mailing Department to be addressed and Direct Mailed to recipients.

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