Perfect Binding

They don’t call it perfect binding for nothing! Using our Perfect Binding Service for your project is a great way to go the extra mile! Perfect Binding is the best looking most professional binding possible.


Perfect Binding is a binding process that utilizes glue and a hard-cover to hold your book together. It is the most professional binding possible. Your booklet will need a minimum of 30 pages in order to perfect bind. Please contact us if you have questions.

Perfect Binding


The Perfect Binding process is pretty straightforward. Perfect binding doesn’t have the restrictions saddle stitching does. You have a little more freedom in the page count. Please take a look at our submission guidelines or call us for help setting up your file.


Besides setting up your file correctly there’s not much prep needed. Call us if you need help getting your file ready to print.


Once we have your print-ready file we will print your booklet via our Digital or Offset Presses.


Once we are finished printing the next step is to cut and grind. From there we glue the pages at the spine and apply the cover.


Generally, the largest size perfect binding we do would be 9″x12″. However, we can accommodate if you contact us.


Perfect Binding can be used for any volume project! There is no minimum or maximum order quantity. However many you need!


Perfect Binding has earned its name. It is the best binding possible. If you want a high-quality look, this is the way to go.


There is no real proofing process for perfect binding. If you need to see a print before we proceed we can accommodate. *Additional fees may apply.


Perfect Binding Prices are dependent on quantity, size and page count. With this being the case, Perfect Bound pricing can vary from affordable to expensive.


Perfect Binding turnaround is job dependent. Generally, turnaround time for perfect binding would not be considered quick.

Perfect Binding

If you are interested in our perfect binding services please contact us for more information!

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