Wire-O Binding

Using our Wire-O Binding service is a great looking and affordable way to bind your printing project! Chances are you’ve come across plenty of Wire-O Binding in your day to day life, but did you know it could help your projects? Books, reports, paper pads and more can all be bound using Wire-O Binding.


Wire-O Binding is a binding process that has been around for quite some time. It holds your project together with metal wire that comes in multiple colors and sizes. Contact us for additional details!

Wire-O Binding


The Wire-O Binding Process is pretty straight forward. Paper is punched and bound together using a special wire called a Wire-O. This wire can come in many different colors and sizes but essentially all serve the same purpose.


The size wire-o we use to bind your printing project is dependent on the thickness of the projects spine. A booklet with 30 pages will have a much smaller wire than a booklet with 250 pages.


You can choose from various colors of Wire-O. We currently stock black and white but we can special order any color your looking for. Contact us for more information!


Once we have your project printed we can begin binding. This entails punching your pages, inserting the wire and crimping it shut. Pretty straight forward.


The largest size we usually run via our Wire-O Binding machines is 9″ x 12″. If you need a larger size please contact us.


Wire-O Binding can be used for any volume project! There is no minimum or maximum order quantity.


Wire-O Binding is a great way to get High-Quality binding at an affordable price!


There is no real proofing process for Wire-O Binding. If you need to see a finished book before we proceed with the rest of the order that won’t be a problem.


Wire-O binding pricing is dependent on the size of the print as well as the quantity. With this being the case Wire-O Binding pricing can vary. Although, Wire-O is probably the most affordable binding option for lower quantity runs. Contact us for more detailed pricing.


Our Wire-O Binding turnaround is job dependent. Generally, turnaround time for Wire-O Binding could be considered quick.

Wire-O Binding

If you are interested in adding Wire-O Binding for your next print project please contact us for more information!

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