Chances are you’ve seen a saddle-stitched book, but have you considered it for your printing project? Saddle Stitching is a great looking and affordable way to bind. Magazines, Newsletters, Annual Reports and Calendars are just the tip of the iceberg. Have you considered Saddle Stitching for your next printing project?


Saddle Stitching is a common binding process that utilizes strategically placed staples (or stitches) to hold your printing project together. Revered for its price and quality saddle stitching is a great way to bind your next printing project.

Saddle Stitching


The most important thing in the saddle stitching process is file prep. Your project will need the correct number of pages, correct page number positioning (if applicable), bleeds (if applicable) and more. If you need help setting up your file we have specialists on hand to assist you. Once your file is sorted out it’s pretty straight forward from there.


The number of pages in a saddle-stitched booklet must be divisible by 4. Meaning, you cannot have a 19-page book, but you can have a 20, 24, 28, 32… so on and so forth, not to exceed 60 pages. If your booklet exceeds 60 pages please contact us for a consultation. See our submission guidelines or contact us for help!


Once we’ve received your artwork and everything checks out it’s on to the printing. We can print both Digital and Offset saddle-stitched books. Whichever works best for your project!


Once the book has been printed it’s time to bind! We take all of the pages and bind them together in our saddle stitching machine and when we’re finished you have a great looking saddle-stitched booklet!


Most Saddle Stitched booklets are 8.5″ x 11″ and under. If you have a bigger size please contact us for additional details.


Saddle Stitching is great for any volume project! There is no minimum or maximum order quantity. However many you need!


Saddle Stitching is a great high-quality binding option. The only thing better is perfect binding or specialized stitch binding.


There is no real proofing process for Saddle Stitching. If you need to see a bound piece before we proceed we may be able to accommodate. Please contact us! *Additional charges may apply


The cost of saddle stitching is dependent on page count, booklet size and quantity. With this being the case saddle stitch pricing can vary from affordable to expensive.


Our Saddle Stitching turnaround is job dependent. Generally, turnaround time would not be considered quick for these services.

Saddle Stitching

If you are interested in our Saddle Stitching Service please contact us for more information!

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