“Gold Foil & Debossed”

Postcard Invitation

Project #:


Print Type:

Offset Printing


Pantone® 439C
Gold Foil

Paper Type:

Neenah Paper’s
   175# Aged Copper Folding Board
   105# Esse® Pearlized Cocoa Smooth


Die Cut, Foil, Debossing, Glue


This project took a lot of planning and forethought as well as flawless execution.  In order to complete this project, pretty much our entire shop was utilized. It was created for a local college to be sent out as a Christmas party postcard invitation.

This invitation utilizes two different papers. The copper border of the invite was created using Neenah Paper’s 175# Aged Copper Folding Board. The body of the invite was created using Neenah Paper’s 105# Esse® Pearlized Cocoa Smooth. Let’s take a look at what into creating this piece.

The border paper was taken to our hot stamping department where it was hot stamped with a gold foil. It was then die cut and set aside.

Next, the pearl paper was printed via our offset press using pantone® 439C. This is the brown type on the piece. It was then brought up to the hot stamping department where it was hot stamped with a copper foil and debossed with the intricate design you see in the images.

While both foiling and debossing, position was of paramount importance. If you take a look at the images, you will see that the debossing actually lines up perfectly with the gold foil.

At this stage, we have two pieces. We have the gold foiled copper border and the pearl foiled and debossed center section. Now comes the fun part! Not only did they have to be positioned perfectly when foiling and debossing, but also when they were glued together. Once the pieces were glued they were cut, boxed and delivered. This was truly an amazing display of what our team is capable of. Good Job guys!

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