Wenger Family History Hard Cover Perfect Bound Book SPINE

“Short Run”

Perfect Bound Book Printing

Project #:


Print Type:

Digital Printing


Black Toner
Gold Foil

Paper Type:

60# Offset Text


Hardcover Perfect Binding
Hot Stamping


A huge part of this short run perfect bound book printing project was spent in our prepress department. There were over 300 pages that had to be scanned, straightened, color corrected and laid out. Once the book was finished being digitally created, the final file was sent to our digital press to be printed on 60# Offset Text. Next, the Hardcover section of the book was hot stamped with gold foil and the pages were perfect bound to the hardcover. The Wenger-Nogle Family history is now safe!

If you’re interested in learning how we print perfect bound books and how we can help with your book binding projects, visit our Perfect Binding page.

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