Dessert and Drink Menu FRONT

“Restaurant Menu Binder”

Hardcover Menu Printing

Project #:


Print Type:

Digital Printing


Digital Toner
White Foil

Paper Type:

12pt. C2S (Coated 2 side)
Faux Leather vinyl


Hot Stamping


We, here at D&D Printing, are all about helping people enjoy the end of a hard week (or that occasional hard day). What better way is there to finish anything than with drinks and desserts? The answer to that is, of course, none.

To begin this hardcover menu printing project, we ran the inside menu pages via our digital presses on 12pt C2S (coated 2 side). This paper is the big brother of 12pt C1S (coated 1 side) that went the extra mile and had both sides coated. The pages were then sent to our bindery department to get 3 hole drilled so it would fit in the binder.

Next, the Faux leather vinyl was sent over to our Hot stamping department so it could be stamped with white foil. It was then sent over to the bindery to be turned into the menu binder you see pictured. (Those poor bindery workers… Don’t worry, we sent them to Flos afterwards.).

The pages were then inserted into the binders and they were sent off to Flo’s Sports Bar. All of this so you could enjoy that refreshing beverage and tiramisu. You’re welcome!

If you’re interested in learning about hot stamping and how it can help your print projects, visit our Hot Stamping page.

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