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Foil Business Cards & Notepad Printing

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Print Type:

Offset Printing


4 Color Process
Gold Foil
Silver Foil
Holographic Foil

Paper Type:

60# Husky Offset
Clear Plastic
80# Black Uncoated Cover
80# Purple Uncoated Cover
100# Uncoated Cover


Hot Stamping


Every once in a while we here at D&D Printing do a project just for ourselves. This project is one of them! We were tired of handing out samples that we knew would end up in the trash. We wanted to create something could be sent to customers and be useful to them. So, we fired up the presses and did some notepad printing!

Each notepad has 25 sheets that can be put to use. We wanted to show what can be accomplished with custom notepad printing in hopes that customers would like what they see and contact us for their custom printed notepads. We have two different versions of the notepads.

The notepads were run via our offset presses on 60# Husky using 4 color process ink technology. While running the Pressman put a tag in the press pile every 25 sheets. Once they are finished they are taken to the bindery department where they add a chipboard backer in place of each tag. The pads are then taken to be cut down and glued.

Additionally, each pad has 3 different versions of our foil stamped business cards included. It’s kind of hard to see in the photos, but there is a Clear(ish) business card on the very top of the sample pack. This is one of my favorites. To create these silver foil business cards we use a clear plastic which we hot stamp with a silver foil. The cards are then taken to our die cutting department where it is die cut to give it round corners. Foil business cards a great way to grab peoples attention!

The other cards are the same design but use different stocks and foils. The black versions are hot stamped Gold Foil business cards on 80# Black Uncoated Cover. The purple versions were created on 80# purple uncoated cover using a silver foil.

The bottom business card is my second favorite. It was hot stamped using a holographic foil on 100# Uncoated Cover. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Once everything is finished, they are taken to be shrink wrapped to give us our final package.

If you’re interested in learning about hot stamping and how it can help your print projects, visit our hot stamping page.

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