Custom Binder Tabs

Project #:


Print Type:

Offset Printing


4 Color Process

Paper Type:

100# Gloss Cover


Lamination, Diecut, Score, 3 Hole Punch


Here we have laminated custom binder tabs we manufactured for a closet organizational company. It was important the final print could be read front to back and back to front… like the 2 issue comic books! Let’s take a look at what went into creating it.

To begin, the project was printed on 100# Gloss cover via our offset press. It was then taken up to our lamination department where it was laminated with an 8 mil gloss laminate. Once that was finished it was brought up to our die cutting department where it was die-cut into the binder tabs you see pictured. It was then 3 hole punched so it could fit into the companies binders.

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