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Digital Printing


Digital Toner

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80# Silk Cover
70# Offset


Saddle Stitch


Who said printing couldn’t be fun? It doesn’t get much more fun than a super hero! These comic books were printed via our digital printing presses for Rapid Fire Entertainment, a local Grand Rapids Comic Book Publisher.

Back in the day a comic book publisher would need to print thousands of comic books in order to be cost effective. Nowadays, thanks to modern printing processes, publishers are able to print on demand comic books. What is on demand comic book printing you ask? Basically, You get an order, we print the comic. It’s that simple! This allows publishers to release a comic book without a huge upfront investment, thereby lowering comic book printing costs.

Let’s look at how these books were run!

The cover was printed using digital toner on 80# Silk Cover. The inside pages were printed the same using 70# offset paper. This type of paper you think of when you think “printing paper”. It was then cut, saddle stitched and delivered.

If you’re interested in learning about Digital printing and how it can help your print projects, visit our digital printing page.

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