Paper Laser Cutting

Paper laser cutting is one of the most intricate and unique additions to any printing project. You may be asking why you’d need laser cutting if you have options like die cutting. The simple answer is complexity. Small and complex cutting patterns such as the ones pictured above are not possible with conventional die cutting. It’s simply too much for the steel rule die.


Paper Laser Cutting is a process that allows you to make very small, precise and complex cutting patterns.

Paper Laser Cutting


The paper laser cutting process is pretty simple and can be summed up in 3 easy to understand steps. Design, Cut and Finish.


Being able to cut with a tolerance of one one-hundredth of an inch is extremely powerful. Paper laser cutting opens up possibilities conventional die cutting simply cannot. This gives you the ability to design some truly breathtaking cutting patterns.

2. CUT

Once you know how you would like your piece cut it’s as simple as taking your artwork and converting it into a language the laser cutter can understand. We then load your piece into the laser cutter and the laser begins cutting your design out flawlessly.


Laser cutting is stunning, but it is a painfully slow process. Your print project must be laser cut 1 at a time. Manually being loaded and unloaded into and out of the laser cutter by hand. This is very time consuming and therefore expensive. Laser cutting should only be used on a project when absolutely necessary.


Paper laser cutting is best for smaller sizes. The largest size we run via our laser cutters is 9″ x 12″.


Paper laser cutting can be used for any volume project! There is no minimum or maximum order quantity.


Laser cutting is the top notch of printing that give your piece a high quality look.


There is no real proofing process for laser cutting. We will send you a digital representation, but if you need to see a print before we proceed a press check is always an option.


laser cutting pricing is expensive due to the labor required. Contact us for additional information.


Our laser cutting Services turnaround is job dependent. Generally, turnaround time for laser cutting would not be considered quick.

Paper Laser Cutting

If you are interested in Paper laser cutting for your printing project please contact us! We can help!

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