When using our glitter printing service you have two avenues to choose from. We can either add regular glitter to a colored ink OR we can add colored glitter to a clear ink. This comes down to personal preference and your job specifications but either way, your printing project will sparkle!


If you’ve ever picked up a winter themed greeting card at your local drug store then chances are you’ve seen glitter printing. The name really says it all. We print in glitter! The process is similar to regular spot color printing except we add glitter! Glitter Printing leaves a textured feel the ink similar to thermography but rougher due to the glitter.

Glitter Printing


Whether you’d like colored glitter, colored ink or both… we take your concoction and put it to paper. It’s that simple! We add a special dryer to the ink that when combined with the glitter gives your print a textured feel. Sparkle-Tastic! Glitter printing can be broken down into 3 easy steps!


Once you’ve chosen a color we print your artwork. You can pick any PANTONE® Spot color. If you’re glitter printing over 4 color then we’d use clear ink.


Once the piece has been printed it is conveyed to the glitter unit where it’s blasted with glitter while the ink is still wet. We can special order any color glitter!


The wet ink that is now covered in glitter is send down to the shake/Vacuum unit where the excess glitter is shaken and vacuumed away.


The cleaned up sheet is then sent down to the oven to get baked where the glitter is hardened and the ink is dried. The final step in the glitter printing process!


The largest size we run via our glitter machine is 9″ x 12″. This may seem small but 95% of all glitter printing is 8.5″ x 11″ and under.


Glitter printing can be used for any volume project! There is no minimum or maximum order quantity. However many you need!


Glitter printing is a great way to add high quality uniqueness to your printing project! Make your project shine!


There is no real proofing process for Glitter Printing. We will send you a digital representation, but if you need to see a print before we proceed a press check is always an option. (additional charges may apply)


Glitter printing pricing is dependent on the size of the artwork being glittered and quantity of prints. With this being the case glitter pricing can vary.


Our glitter printing turnaround is job dependent. Generally, turnaround time for glitter printing would not be considered quick.

Glitter Printing

If you are interested in adding glitter printing to your next print project please contact us for more information!

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